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WCU Research Day 2014: Research in Women’s Studies
Core Faculty
Martha Donkor
Women’s & Gender Studies

Transnational feminisms and women’s history


Lisa Ruchti
Women’s & Gender Studies
Intersectionality, work, globalization, intimacy, violence, feminist theories, qualitative methods
Simon (E.) Ruchti
Women’s & Gender Studies
Feminist theories, queer theories, masculinity studies, trans* theories, film and performance studies
Affiliated Faculty
Jen Bacon
Contemporary rhetoric, queer theory, lesbian studies, narrative studies, qualitative research methods
Tara Bosler
Adjunct, Communication Studies
Representations of gender in media, gender issues in interpersonal communication
Ellie Brown
Research, teaching and clinical interests in children's academic and social-emotional development, developmental risk related to poverty and oppression, and models of individual and social change.
Juanita Comfort
Composition theory & pedagogy, rhetorical criticism, and black feminist essayists
Virginia M. da Costa
Women artists, women writers 1550-1700,  Ancient and Medieval art, travel abroad programs
Kristin Crossney
Geography & Planning
Urban geography, housing, community development, racial inequality, quantitative research methods
Eli DeHope
Social Work
Aging, mental health, health care, and sexuality
Joy Fritschle
Geography & Planning
Sustainability and sustainable development, feminist science and pedagogy, biogeography, ecological restoration and environmental conservation
Susan Gans
Biological psychology, individual differences among females in reproductive physiology and behavior
Robin Garrett
Women’s health, gender and health, violence prevention and reduction
Karin Gedge
19th Century U.S. cultural history, history of American women, history of American religions, history of education and pedagogy
Erin Hurt
US Latina/o literatures, 20th century American literatures, women and gender studies
Lauri L. Hyers
Prejudice from the target's perspective, activism, rites of passage to womanhood, group identity, social psychology
Dean Johnson
Philosophy, Peace & Conflict Studies
Activism, social justice, social movements, violence, intersectionality, nonviolence, critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, women and religion
Lisa Kirschenbaum
Modern European and Russian history, history of family and childhood, gender and the experience and memory of war
Rodney Mader
Early American literature and cultural studies, queer theory
Deborah Mandel
RN-BSN Studies
Deborah Mahlstedt
Social psychology, small group processes, psychology of women, dating violence, models of social change
Melina McConatha-Rosle
Women’s & Gender Studies
Human development, sociology of gender, sociology of the family, group dynamics
Lisa M. Millhous
Communication Studies
Organizational communication, intercultural communication, small group and leadership dynamics
Merry Perry
Rhetoric and composition, cultural studies, feminist theory and pedagogy, masculinities and men's studies, beauty culture, early modern drama
Ruth Porritt
Aesthetics, feminist aesthetics, women and creativity
Geetha Ramanathan
Third world, black, and feminist literature and film
Kathleen Riley
Gender and sexuality in literacy and feminist pedagogy
Nancy Rumfield
Photographic images, women and sexuality, digital design
Stacey Schlau
Languages & Cultures
Latin American and Spanish women writers, narrative theory, colonial Latin American literature
Frauke Schnell
Political Science
Public opinion, women and politics, political psychology, political socialization, research methods
Helen Schroepfer
Feminist philosophy of religion, religion and ethics, contemporary continental thought
Eleanor Shevlin
18th-century British literature and culture, postcolonial writing and theory, history of the book
Adale Sholock
Adjunct, Women's & Gender Studies
Anti-racist feminisms and white privilege, self-representation and visibility politics, feminist theories and methodologies, and women's centers
Carolyn Sorisio
Nineteenth century American literature, representations of race and gender, and women's literature
Linda Stevenson
Political Science
Latin American culture and politics
Maria Van Liew
Languages & Cultures
Spanish cultural studies, twentieth-century Spanish literature and film, feminist film theory
Mary Ruth Warner
Adjunct, Women’s & Gender Studies
Black women’s studies; women and folklore; women and popular music
Julie Wiest
Sociology of culture, social psychology, gender and crime, media representation
Joan Woolfrey
Ethical theory, bioethics, feminist thought
Hyoejin Yoon
Rhetoric & composition, critical pedagogy, critical theory, Asian American feminist theories, writing and technology