Department of Communication
Sciences and Disorders

West Chester University

Dr. Cheryl D. Gunter, Chair
201 Carter Drive, Suite 400
West Chester, PA  19383
Phone:  610.436.2115
Fax:  610.436.3388

Mission Statement

West Chester University's Department of Communicative Disorders offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Pre-graduate Certification (PC), and a Master of Arts (MA). The mission of these programs is to provide students with the academic coursework and clinical practicum experiences required by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) in fulfillment of the requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competence. More specifically, the BA and PC programs provide students with a firm theoretical and empirical basis for understanding the nature of normal communication processes and with an introduction to communicative disorders.

For the MA program, the academic component provides students with research opportunities to prepare them for graduate work beyond the master's level, and with theoretical and evidence-based frameworks for understanding clinical management, including the prevention, assessment, and treatment of communicative disorders. The clinical component of the MA program provides students with opportunities to apply knowledge and problem-solving skills in closely supervised on–and off–campus clinical practice settings.

Specific program outcomes are documented in the Knowledge and Skills Acquisition (KASA) form, which is consistent with recommendations by ASHA. In cooperation with other programs within the West Chester University Community, these programs support students in becoming individuals who are broadly educated, who possess the ability to think analytically, critically, and in a manner which allows them to excel at problem solving. In pursuing its mission, the Department of Communicative Disorders advances values consistent with ASHA's Code of Ethics and with West Chester University's Plan for Excellence.