Department of Health

West Chester University

Dr. Jim Brenner
207 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA  19383

Community Health Track

Community Health Advising Sheet

The Community Health elective track uses the entry-level competencies for health education specialists (National Commission for Health Education Credentialing) as a framework and guide in providing students with an appropriate scope and sequence of the necessary knowledge and skills needed for a student completing a master’s degree. The learning objectives for this elective track are taken directly form the ten responsibilities for entry level health educators. The competencies and sub-competencies for each area of responsibility are addressed in the elective courses. Learning outcomes for each course are listed in the syllabi.

Upon completion of the Community Health Track graduates will be able to:

  • Assess individual and community needs for health education
  • Plan effective community health education programs
  • Implement community health education programs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of community health education programs
  • Coordinate provision of community health education services
  • Serve as a resource person in community health education
  • Communicate community health and education needs, concerns and resources
  • Apply appropriate research principles and methods in community health education
  • Administer community health education programs
  • Advance the profession of health education