Department of Health

The Health Promotion Program

Dr. Sharon DeJoy
211 Sturzebecker Hall
West Chester, PA  19383

Educational Requirements

Students receive a broad education that includes courses in science and mathematics, behavioral and social sciences, humanities, health, diseases, program planning and evaluation, health behavior and research methods.

During the course of study, students attend seminars and lectures; participate in Wellness Center activities; attend and plan professional health conferences; assist with the Red Cross Bloodmobile and work in a variety of health agencies. Students become proficient in written, computer and oral communication and become adept in the skills of group dynamics. The highlight of the public health program is the semester-long (12 semester hours) internship during the senior year, at a site selected by the student with the approval of the Program Director.

This real-world work experience allows the student to put classroom theory into practice. Successful internships often lead to job placement.

Student Learning Outcomes