Butt Out Smoking Cessation Program

The Mind/Body Institute of
Applied Psychophysiology

West Chester University

Ed Mackey, MSN, CRNA, PhD
222N Sturzebecker HSC
West Chester, PA 19383

Butt-Out:   A Smoking Cessation Program for the Absolutely Serious!



This University based program administered through the Mind/Body Institute of Applied Psychophysiology is designed for those individuals that are completely serious about becoming a non-smoker. It does not matter how much or how little you smoke. What is essential is the firm determination to quit now and for good!

This program will be researching the efficacy of hypnosis and weekly group hypnosis follow up for six months or one year. The participant will have a private one on one session with Dr. Ed Mackey and then be assigned to a weekly group that will meet one evening per week for 6 months.  Groups are moderated by a Doctoral or Masters prepared RN specially trained in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The group activity will involve educational activities along with  a conversational “check in” to help identify any problems  you or the group may be experiencing , then the group will receive a hypnotic session designed to assist in reinforcement of suggestion, help with any cravings, managing stress,  stop smoking , etc. The group session will entail the use of headphones and both group and individual suggestions will be given. The groups are limited to 10 individuals and will last 45 minutes. An audio CD of each weekly session will be available for purchase if desired. This audio CD can then be used by the participant for additional reinforcement during the coming week. Cost for the CD is $10.00. This program is based on the most up to date hypnotic methods for smoking cessation. During the program at specific milestones, exhaled carbon monoxide sampling will be done to monitor abstinence. Research demonstrates that Exhaled carbon monoxide is the “Gold Standard” for monitoring tobacco cessation.  Research has also shown that support groups are extremely helpful in maintaining perseverance. Hypnosis has been shown to demonstrate an efficacy similar to other quitting methods. Long term follow up has been shown to be most indicative of true abstinence when using a chemical indicator for tobacco use during and after program involvement. This program will combine the best of all into one University based program with a unique protocol to assist the individual reach the goal of becoming a non-smoker! This program is specifically designed for maximum intervention with minimal cost. Cost for this unique University based program is $750.00   At the start of the program each participant will be provided with an audio CD containing hypnosis exercises that can be listened to at home. This CD should be used daily for at least the first 30 days, and then can be used every few days thereafter. Additional materials will be provided during the program at specific intervals.

Faculty: Dr. Edward F. Mackey Director of The Mind/Body Institute will provide the individual hypnotic sessions and will rotate with several other practitioners in providing the weekly group work. All practitioners are Graduate RN’s with advanced certifications in the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

If you have tried to stop smoking  before and failed, if you stopped  smoking and then started smoking again, or if you simply are determined to stop no matter what..then this program is for you. Enrollment is limited,  the program will begin in January and is expected to fill quickly!  Register now!

Cost:    6 month Program -   $750

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