College of Health Sciences

West Chester University

Dr. Linda Adams, Dean
Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383

Gerontology Workshop

This will be a collaborative workshop including physicians and allied health professionals in Norway and students who have an interest in gerontology and aging well through the lifespan. The workshop will be streaming live online and will be led by Dr. Bowen, Assistant Professor from the Department of Health, and Dr. Gilboy, Associate Professor from the Department of Nutrition.

The workshop will introduce health professionals to gerontology.

  • specifically focusing on dementia and nutrition across two interactive sessions.
  • Global aging trends, disease (including dementia), and the implication of disease and disability in later life on health policies, programs, and individual lives will be examined.
  • Participants will engage in the materials with real-time learning, clinically-based assignments and peer-reviewed articles intended to spur critical thinking.
  • From a “successful aging” perspective, participants will also learn factors associated with healthy aging, including good nutrition across the life course, and be able to apply theoretical frameworks including selective optimization with compensation and the cumulative disadvantage theory.

The Gerontology Workshop is an opportunity to be introduced to the holistic and inter-professional approach that is representative of our graduate and certificate programs.

For more information on this workshop or future gerontology programming, please email