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General Information & Assistance - 610-436-1000
Financial Aid - 610-436-2627
Admissions, Undergraduate - 610-436-3411
Admissions, Graduate - 610-436-2943

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Responsible Office
Employee ACH Authorization Form utilized by an employee to authorize Accounts Payable to make reimbursement payments (not payroll) directly to the employee's checking account (direct deposit).
Finance and Business Services
Environmental Health Environmental Health and Safety Homepage
Environmental Health and Safety
Environmentally Preferred Purchasing The Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) Program supports the University’s commitment to sustainability.
Business Services
Exempt, Tax Form Official document certifying the University's tax exempt status.  Form can be downloaded and filled out by the University office. The University office making the purchase then sends it directly to the vendor requiring the form.
Business Services
Expense Transfer SharePoint form that can be utilized to request the transfer of an expense from Cost Center to Cost Center.
Updated: August 2017