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General Information & Assistance - 610-436-1000
Financial Aid - 610-436-2627
Admissions, Undergraduate - 610-436-3411
Admissions, Graduate - 610-436-2943

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Facilities Design Facilities Design and Construction Webpage Facilities Design and Construction
Facilities Facilities Webpage Facilities Management
Financial Aid Financial Aid Homepage Financial Aid
Financial Reports WCU SAP Financial Reports Finance and Business Services / Budget
Financial System WCU SAP Financial System Home Page Finance and Business Services / Budget
Fire Safety Fire Safety Office Webpage Environmental Health and Safety
Fiscal Authority The primary person who has been delegated authority as "fiscal officer" to review contracts and agreements, and to sign disbursement authorizations on behalf of the University, without limitation is the Chief Financial Officer and Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Services. Administration and Finance
Food, Purchase of Use of Public Funds Policy Administration and Finance
Foreign National Non-Compensation In order for payments to be issued to a Foreign National, they are required to complete all paperwork required for the Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance before receiving any payments from West Chester University. Finance and Business Services
Forms Listing of Forms utilized by the Administration and Finance Divisions Administration and Finance
Fund Centers Listing of WCU Fund Centers (departments) - See the link on the left of the SharePoint Page entitled Crosswalk of Fund Centers - Date & Time Finance and Business Services / Budget Office
Fund Center / Cost Center Request SharePoint form that can be utilized to request the creation of a Fund/Cost Center. Finance and Business Services / Budget Office
Fund Raising Events Fund raising events conducted by officially recognized University organizations may take place with the written approval of the Dean of Students, the Director of Residence Life, or the Director of Sykes Student Union. Administration and Finance
Fundraisers - WCU Student Groups The Rams's Eye View Student Handbook Student Affairs
Updated: August 2017