201 Carter Drive, Suite 300
West Chester, PA 19383

Mission Statement


The Facilities mission is to operate and maintain a high-quality physical environment at West Chester University to enhance student learning, faculty teaching and research, and the University's service to the community.

To accomplish our mission:

We are a service organization dedicated to the success and satisfaction of WCU faculty, staff and students and campus visitors.

Our staff members are our most valuable asset. Each individual is a team member who contributes to the decision-making process. We seek creative and innovative solutions to meet our customer's needs. We set high service standards. And, we promote the personal growth of our staff through education and training.

We provide reliable and timely service at a competitive cost. We use proven technology to increase our capabilities. We welcome feedback to assist us in determining the quality of our services. We stress a safe campus environment for our staff and customers. We constantly look ahead by conducting planning activities to achieve the most desirable future possible for our customers and the University.


We maintain the WCU campus to help the University fulfill its teaching, research and community service responsibilities.

All WCU faculty, staff, and students, as well as campus visitors, are our customers.

We strive to treat our customer as we would like to be treated: with courtesy, professionalism and quality service at competitive prices.