Office of the Bursar

Finance and Business Services

Student Financial Services
25 University Ave., Room #50
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610 436-2552
Fax: 610 436-3049

Bill Payment

All students are expected to pay their tuition bills by the due date indicated on the bill or their schedules will be canceled by the university.

Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve the student from paying/submitting the bill by the due date.

Only one bill is sent out per semester. Therefore, if it is lost or the student’s course load is modified, the student may access their account via myWCU.

Fall Semester bills are due in early to mid-August and Spring Semester bills are due in mid-December.

Deadlines for tuition payments are set by the Bursar's Office and are always extended to the next business day in the event the university is closed due to inclement weather. Deadlines for other payments such as room deposits, are also routinely extended to the next business day.  Students/customers may, however, want to consult with the departments setting the deadline to verify any extension.

For students experiencing financial difficulty, which includes pending financial aid, the Partial Payment Plan is a viable option.

Payment Methods

Check or Money Order:

  • Checks or Money Orders must be made payable to West Chester University.
  • You can also pay with an e-check on-line at QuikPAY.  E-checks are accepted with no convenience fee.
  • The canceled check or money order serves as the receipt for payment.
  • Checks or Money Orders can be mailed in the pre-addressed envelope included with the bill, hand-delivered, or dropped in the night depository at the Office of the Bursar.
  • Post-dated checks will not be processed.

Credit Cards:

  • Credit card payments can only be made on-line through QuikPay.
  • Our vendor will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.
  • QuikPay does not accept debit card transactions.
  • If paying with a credit card, a convenience fee of 2.75% will be accessed by our vendor. You will receive two charges on your card; one for West Chester University and one for the convenience fee from our vendor.


  • Please DO NOT MAIL CASH.
  • Cash must be hand-delivered to the Office of the Bursar.

Company or Agency Billing

  • Bills that are paid by an employer or an outside agency require documentation indicating the billing address and amount authorized to be billed.
  • This documentation and any amount not covered by company or agency must be returned with the bill by the due date.
  • Students, who receive tuition reimbursement upon completion of the course, are not eligible for this service and must pay their bill by the due date.

Financial Holds

  • Financial Holds are placed on student accounts with any unpaid balance.