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Fiscal Year End Important Information

Budget Office Forms

Form Name
MS Office
Request to Hire Staff

Student Payroll Request
This form is updated very frequently (almost weekly) with new fund center data. Please make sure you always utilize the most current version of this form or you may not see the fund centers that you need.

Once completed and authorized, route the Excel form to the Budget Office STUWAGES@wcupa.edu mailbox. If the funding source is Restricted, forward the form to the restricted funds manager within the finance department.

Budget Transfer Requests
Position Budget Management - Divisional Confidentiality Statement / User Agreement

Cabinet Funding Request Form pdf File

For the best experience, use Internet Explorer to access the form. If using Chrome or Firefox, right click the file and select Save As.

Fund Center Request, Change, and Close Forms - Link to SharePoint Site
Department Change/Split Form
Employee Fund Center Re-Assignments
Unspent Balance Policy pdf File
How to Review Personnel Budget Transfers via the Campus BI Report
WCU Budget Review Committee Introduction pdf File


Updated: April 2018