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Travel Card Program Policy and Procedures


1. Purpose:

    1.1. The purpose of this policy is to protect WCU assets and to ensure compliance to the Office of the Chancellor "Travel Card Policy and Procedures".

    1.2. Non-compliance to this policy or any associated policies, procedures, or documentation will result in revocation of the Cardholder's Travel Card.

2. Policy:

    2.1. Authorization to Use:

      2.1.1. Only WCU employees who meet the following requirements may use a Travel Card:

        • Approved by Department Manager to have a card,
        • Trained by Finance and Business Services to use the card,
        • Received a copy of the Travel Card Policy and associated procedures,
        • Signed a Travel Cardholder Enrollment and Travel Card Acceptance Forms.

      2.1.2. The Department Manager can request that a Travel Card be issued to an employee in their department who has official and recurring travel needs .

      2.1.3. Individuals who are not the authorized Cardholder may not use a WCU Travel Card.

    2.2. Cardholder Liability:

      2.2.1. The Travel Card is issued in the employee’s name, who is primarily and wholly responsible for charges against the Travel Card.

      2.2.2. The Cardholder must pay the outstanding card balance before the monthly due date.

      2.2.3. Late charges are not reimbursable by the University.

    2.3. Limitations of Use:

      2.3.1. The Travel Card is used for all official travel expenses per the "Allowable and Reimbursable Charge Matrix".

      2.3.2. A Cardholder may not use their Travel Card to pay for another employee's travel expenses except when the Cardholder is authorized in writing by the President to incur meal expenses on behalf of others.

      2.3.3. These vouchers must identify where, when and for whom a meal was provided, and the official purposes for providing the meal.

      2.3.4. Written authorization to incur meal expenses on behalf of others must be on record in the Accounts Payable office to verify the authenticity of such reimbursement requests.

      2.3.5. Late charges are not reimbursable by the University.

    2.4. Travel Card Violations:

      2.4.1. For audit purposes, Finance and Business Services will review Travel Card charges, on a monthly basis.

      2.4.2. First-time violations - If the Cardholder violates the Travel Card policy or procedures, then the Card Systems Administrator or the Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Services will give the Cardholder a written notice of the infraction.

      2.4.3. Second-time violations - If the Cardholder violates the Travel Card policy or procedures again, then:

      2.4.4. The Cardholder surrenders the card to Finance and Business Services,

      2.4.5. Finance and Business Services cancels the card.

      2.4.6. The Cardholder looses Travel Card privileges for one year and must request travel expense payments using the "Advance Travel Authorization Procedure", however cash advances will not be granted.

      2.4.7. After a year the employee may reapply for a new Travel Card per the "Requesting a Travel Card Procedure".

    2.5. Reconciliation and Reimbursement:

      2.5.1. After returning from the trip, the Cardholder reconciles the charges listed on the Travel Card Account Statement against the Travel Expenses Voucher and associated receipts.

      2.5.2. Travel Card expenses are reimbursed per the "Travel Expense Reimbursement Procedure".

    2.6. Disputing a Transaction:

      2.6.1. During the reconciliation process, if there is a disputed charge, then the Cardholder contacts the vendor directly.

      2.6.2. If the disputed charge cannot be resolved with the vendor, then Cardholder disputes the transaction in accordance with the instructions on the back of the Travel Card Account Statement.

    2.7. Travel Card Security:

      2.7.1. It is the Cardholder's responsibility to safeguard the Travel Card, associated passwords and the account number to the same degree that a Cardholder safeguards personal credit information.

      2.7.2. The Cardholder must not allow any unauthorized person to use their Travel Card.

    2.8. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Travel Cards:

      2.8.1. If the card is lost, stolen or damaged, then:

        • Immediately, notify the bank for emergency closure of the card,
        • Advise the representative that the call is regarding a Travel Card,
        • Contact the WCU Card Program Administrator, by phone or email on the next business day.

      2.8.2. A new card shall be promptly issued to the Cardholder after the reported loss, damage or theft. A card that is subsequently found by the Cardholder after being reported lost or stolen shall be destroyed.

    2.9. Cardholder Separation, Transfer, or Termination:

      2.9.1. Prior to separation from WCU, the Department Manager notifies the Card Program Administrator of the separation date and retrieves the Card from the Cardholder. Note: The Human Resources Office will, as part of the employee separation checklist process, require the employee to surrender any card that has not already been retrieved by the Department Manager.

      2.9.2. Within 2 business days of the separation date, the Card Program Administrator must notify the bank of the "End of Card Authorization". Failure to recover cards, documentation and provide prompt notice increases the potential risk for card misuse and may subject the employee to University disciplinary action.