201 Carter Drive, Suite 300
West Chester, PA 19383

Executive Directors Statement

      Welcome to Facilities! All of us in Facilities, 225 employees strong, are dedicated to serving West Chester University, and we're looking forward to sharing what we do with you through our web pages. We are always working to serve you better, and by following some of the tips you will find here you can help us to accomplish this goal.  
  To accomplish our mission, we are organized into five main departments:  
  O Custodial Services  
      Building cleaning and pest control services.  
  O Design and Construction
      Capital and Facilities Projects, Design and Construction Services, and Interior Design.  
  O Facilities Financial & Support Services  
      Work Control, Project Planning, Financial Management, Energy Management, Moving Services, Recycling, Transportation, Facilities Supplies, and Heating Plant.  
  O Grounds Maintenance  
      Lawn and Turf Maintenance, Tree Care, Athletic Field Maintenance, Trash Removal, Road, Parking Lot and Sidewalk Repairs, Excavations, and Composting.  
  O Plant Operations  
      Maintenance Shops, Project Work Force, and Residence Hall Maintenance.  
      Facilities is responsible for taking care of the University’s physical facilities, which includes 2.6 million square feet of space in 62 major buildings and nearly 400 acres of grounds. We provide heating, cooling, electricity, and water to your work or study space. We also remove ice and snow and keep your work areas clean. In addition to taking care of all the maintenance involved to keep the thousands of building systems running, we are also planning new construction and renovations to keep our buildings well maintained. We are essential personnel.  
      As you can see, we have a big job. We take it very seriously. Good service from Facilities allows you to work, live, study, perform research, and enjoy campus life to the fullest. That's what Facilities is all about--to serve you and support the learning experience in the best way possible.