Department of Kinesiology

West Chester University

Dr. Frank Fry
206 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: (610) 436-2260 or 2610
Fax: (610) 436-2860

Our Mission


"To educate all individuals in the development of a healthy, active lifestyle and to prepare students for the teaching and exercise professions."

Glossary of Terms Used in the Mission Statement

To Educate A process that actively engages students in learning experiences that foster reflective thinking, problem solving, and instills the belief that acquiring knowledge, or learning, is a lifelong process.
All Individuals Each other, West Chester University students (including majors and non-majors), faculty, staff, individuals and professionals within our county, state, and region.
Development To promote the growth of.
Healthy lifestyle A way of living which promotes achievement of one's total well being.
Active lifestyle A way of living that validates the enjoyment of movement and has fitness as a foundation. Within the context of the activity spectrum, it is a lifestyle that can improve health, decrease morbidity, increase fitness, or enhance physical performance.
Prepare Students Ensure a coherent skill, knowledge and experience base of sufficient quality and depth to enable reasonable success in decision making and problem solving within the likely vocational domain.
Teaching Professions Professions in which the practitioners design and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences.
Exercise Science Professions Professions in which knowledge of general truths or laws are obtained and tested through scientific method and then related to the study of human movement.

Principles that guide our work

  • We continually improve the quality of what we do.
  • We are student driven. Everything we do is directed toward enhancing the education of our students, each other, faculty, staff, as well as individuals and professionals within our county, state, and region.
  • We have a sense of relevance in all we do.

Principles that guide our culture

  • We rely on the participation and initiative of every single person.
  • We respect the value and contribution of each individual. Every job is essential to the department's success.
  • We recognize each other's successes.
  • We support the growth of people both personally and professionally.
  • We listen.
  • We communicate openly and honestly.
  • We work in partnership with each other.
  • We act with integrity, honesty, and a sense of ethics. We keep our commitments.