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Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Physiology

The Master of Science In Exercise and Sport Physiology is designed for individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities for working in adult fitness, cardiac rehabilitation and other clinical programs and to enrich academic preparation for graduate work beyond the master’s degree. The MS in Exercise and Sport Physiology is a science based program of 33-34 credit hours depending on the student’s choice of a research report or thesis based program and choice of internship. The program curriculum includes basic research preparation (KIN 600 – Research Methods, KIN 601 statistical Design), advanced science based courses (KIN 572 - Advanced Motor Learning, KIN 585 - Biomechanics, etc.), areas of specialization (internship and electives upon advisement) and research (Thesis or Research Report).

Please click here for the most recent program advising sheet with the entire curriculum listed: HERE

Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Physiology with a Concentration in Athletic Training

An MS in Exercise and Sport Physiology with a concentration in Athletic Training is available at West Chester University in a collaboration between the Departments of Kinesiology and Sports Medicine. It is a 40 credit, 2 year degree program that mandates the completion of a Thesis. Coursework includes Cadaver Antomy, Orthopedic Surgical Techniques, Seminars in Sports Medicine, as well as Topics in Sports Medicine. Please click on the advising sheet for the entire list of coursework for the program. For additional information, please contact Dr. Carolyn Jimenez, Sports Medicine Department Chairperson at

MS Exercise and Sport Physiology with a Concentration in Sports Medicine


EXS698 Syllabus

EXS699 Syllabus

If more information is desired, please contact Dr.David Stearne ( the Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Kinesiology.