WCU Student Facilities

There are many facilities in the Department of Geology & Astronomy available to students these range in nature from student study areas to extensive sample collections to high-tech research equipment.

On the second floor of the Merion Science Center, where the department main office and faculty offices are located, is a student computer lab and a student library. The computer lab hosts 16 Windows PCs and a printer. The student lounge functions as a library and a place for students to gather and work on projects.

computer lab  library


Other factilities that are available to students for both classroom use and independent research projects include:

  • An electron microscopy laboratory equipped with an FEI Quanta 400 Scanning Electron Microscope with the Oxford 400 EDS system, and an FEI Technai 12 Transmission Electron Microscope
  • An outstanding collections of rocks, minerals, and fossils
  • A sedimentology/stratigraphy analysis laboratory
  • A geophysics lab with ground velocity station seismograph, portable signal enhancement seismograph, and flux-gate field magnetometer
  • A geochemistry laboratory
  • A petrography laboratory with optical polarizing microscopes and X-ray diffractometer
  • An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Amapping laboratory with ArcMap 9, digitizer, reflection projector and drafting facilities
  • meteorological instruments
  • GPS calibration station
  • An observatory housing an 8-inch Meade reflecting telescope, two SBIG CCD cameras and an SBIG stellar spectrograph; a suite of portable telescopes including seven 8” Dobsonian telescopes, three 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, and a 14” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope

microscopes   SEM