Geography & Planning

Departmental Life

The Department of Geography and Planning was established in1935 and has a long, rich history of producing geography majors and graduate degrees. With a department of 8 faculty, West Chester University maintains vibrant undergraduate and graduate geography and planning programs. There are approximately 50-60 undergraduate majors, 60-70 undergraduate minors, and 20-30 active graduate students. Since the department is small, students receive excellent guidance and advising. The faculty of the department are active professionally, and attend professional organization meetings regularly. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to attend professional organization meetings to present their research and participate in meeting events. Several organizations assist students with conference expenses: the Paciaroni Fund, Geography Club, and Graduate Student Association.

Banana Day

Student Summer Travel Opportunities


Lauren Wolf at Machu Picchu

Ryan Olsen

Ryan Olsen at Rainbow Falls in the Adirondacks