Geography & Planning

Minor in Business Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

This six course minor program in Business Geographic Information Systems (GIS) builds a sequence of statistical and computer courses, and provides students with the spatial analysis skills applied to business-oriented data and questions. It is designed for students in business programs (management, marketing, economics, and accounting) but may be taken by others. Course work focuses on developing expertise with GIS.

Advising Sheets

Advising sheets are available online. Paper copies can be found in Ruby Jones Hall, from either the department secretary in room 103, or on the bookcase across from room 104. Advising sheets are subject to change; majors should check with their advisor before registering for classes.

Required Courses: (3 courses, 9 credit hours)

  1. GEO 325 Business GIS
  2. GEO 425 GIS: Business Applications
  3. ECO 251 Quantitative Business Analysis I, OR
  4. GEO 326 Geographical Analysis, OR

    MAT 121 Statistics I

Elective Courses: (3 courses, 9 credit hours) Select in consultation with Minor Advisor, usually recommended from the following courses.

  1. GEO 324 Introduction to GIS
  2. GEO 424 GIS Applications
  3. GEO 213 Social Sci GIS
  4. GEO 214 Introduction to Planning
  5. GEO 318 Economic Geography
  6. GEO 328 Computer Graphics
  7. GEO 331 Transportation Planning
  8. GEO 338 Environmental App: GIS
  9. GEO 401 Internet Mapping
  10. GEO 427 Geodatabase Systems
  11. MIS 300 Introduction to MIS
  12. MIS 301 Introduction to Business Software
  13. GEO 415 Internship (GIS related)
  14. MKT 461 Internship (GIS related)
  15. MGT 341 Production Operations
  16. MGT 486 Internship (GIS related)