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Teacher Scholar Model

West Chester University's strategic plan emphasizes a teacher-scholar connection. Each department has developed a teacher-scholar model which defines the ways faculty members bring their scholarship into their teaching and their teaching into their scholarship. West Chester University teacher-scholars actively engage students in connecting the life of the mind to the world in which they live through the exploration of scholarship. In this model, scholarship entails the development and application of knowledge that takes place both within and outside the classroom to promote student development and achievement. As such, the West Chester University teacher-scholar model reflects best practices in higher education. The faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement supports a teacher-scholar link by identifying teaching, scholarship and service as faculty members' professional responsibilities.

Teacher-scholars are educators who regularly link their subject matter, instructional strategies, service to the university and community, their own and others' scholarship, and students' experiences. Educators at West Chester University engage students in the exploration and development of knowledge by helping them acquire, apply, integrate, and synthesize knowledge coming from their own and others' research and scholarship that is derived from students' involvement in research and other scholarly activities. In the latter case, students may be directly involved in helping to carry out research; they may be subjects of research studies; and they may inform research through their insights and ideas presented in the classroom. The WCU teacher-scholar model serves to facilitate faculty members' efforts to meet professional and/or accreditation standards by exposing students to knowledge, skills, and dispositions required in each discipline.

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