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Teaching English as a Second Language

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Teaching English as a Second Language


  • M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language


  • Meet the general requirement for admission to a graduate program at West Chester University.
  • Applicants must document background in the following areas:
    1. Introduction to Linguistics (subject to approval by a TESL program adviser),
    2. 24 Semester hours of a second language/English/linguistics/philosophy/communications,
    3. Six semester hours of anthropology/sociology/psychology,
    4. Experience in learning a second language, and
    5. Proficiency in English.
  • Applicants must have a minimum TOEFL score of 580 on the paper test for all non-native speakers of English for admission to the TESL program. Comparable scores are required for the Computer and Internet based tests.
  • Students with a TOEFL score slightly lower than 580 may be admitted provisionally to the TESL program.

Other Important Information

  • Provisionally admitted students will, in consultation with their adviser, select additional English language courses in order to meet this language proficiency requirement by the time of degree candidacy (after 12-15 credits).
  • Students who do not meet the second language or linguistics background requirements upon application for admission may be admitted provisionally and, in consultation with their adviser, will select additional courses in order to satisfy these requirements by the time of degree candidacy (after 12-15 credits).
  • Students must pass an oral and written comprehensive examination before graduating.
  • Along with required certification in another discipline, this certificate qualifies graduates for public school ESL teaching in Pennsylvania.

Contact for More Information

Dr. Jelena Colovic-Markovic

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