New Doctor of Nursing Program

Graduate Studies

West Chester University

  • Application for Degree Candidacy
  • Application for Graduate Certificate or Letter of Completion
  • Audit a Course
  • Change of Curriculum to Plan in a New Department
  • Change of Curriculum to Plan within Same Department
  • Change of Status from Provisional to Full Admission
  • Course/Term Withdrawal
  • Examining Committee Approval
  • Leave of Absence Form
  • Nondegree Graduate Scheduling
  • Nondegree Undergraduate Scheduling
  • Petition to Exception to Policy (must submit as an email attachment in EXCEL format)
  • Replacement Diploma Request
  • Transfer of Credit
  • Undergraduates taking Graduate Courses
Grant & Scholarship Forms
  • Dean's Research Support Fund
  • Frederick Douglass Graduate Assistantship
  • G.S.A. Conference Reimbursement
  • Women's Grant Application