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NowU / PA 529 Accounts (TAP)

NowU was formerly known as TAP (Tuition Account Program)

To apply credit for payment coming from your NowU/ PA529 account your semester bill, send the Bursar’s Office a copy of the signed payment authorization form that you submitted to NowU. Please Note: NowU does not forward a copy of the authorization form to the University. You can then deduct the amount of the authorized payment from the tuition bill and submit any remaining balance due by the bill due date.

For more information on the NowU PA 529 Program:


Phone:1-800-440-4000 (PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan)
 1-800-294-6195 (PA 529 Investment Plan)
Mail:NowU Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Program
Processing Center P.O. Box 55463
Boston, MA 02205-8114