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RAD Self Defense

Self-Defense Education

The R.A.D. Systems of Self-Defense offers defense education programs for children, women, men and seniors. These offerings provide a truly holistic approach to self-defense education, supporting the necessity of continuous learning in order to provide realistic options for each population as they go through life. Each of these programs includes educational components comprised of lecture, discussion, physical resistive strategies, all of which are facilitated by certified R.A.D. Instructors supported by a network of dedicated professionals who honor one anothers students through our unique Lifetime Return and Practice Policy.

Personal self-defense programs developed by R.A.D. Systems have been taught on the campus of West Chester University since 1993. R.A.D. Systems is the National Standard in Self Defense Education™ based at the National Academy of Defense Education in Denham Springs Louisiana. R.A.D. Systems is the largest self-defense educational organization in the United States and Canada and all courses are presented by WCU Instructors currently certified through R.A.D. Systems. All courses taught at the WCU campus are free to members of our campus community.

In addition to the physical defense programs listed below, WCU R.A.D. Instructors can also provide 1-2 hour seminar presentations on personal safety and awareness for those who are interested in learning more about reducing their risk of victimization, but who may not be able to commit to the time required for a complete course.

For more information about R.A.D. Systems self-defense education at WCU, please contact:

Jon Brill (Department of Environmental Health and Safety) at 610-436-2129

Marion McKinney (Office of Residence Life and Housing Services) at 610-436-3307

Physical Defense Programs for Women

BPD - Basic Physical Defense (10-12 hours)
The cornerstone of R.A.D. Systems programming, this system of realistic defense will provide a woman with the knowledge to make an educated decision about resistance. R.A.D. Systems operates on the premise that a spontaneous violent attack will stimulate a natural desire to resist on the part of the victim (supported by research). This course will educate women about Risk Reduction Strategies and the "Fight or Flight Syndrome," while showing them that enhancing their option of physical defense is not only prudent, but a necessity if natural resistance is to be effective. Participants will learn about personal weapons, vulnerable locations postures in conflict and the many options they have available to employ if engaged in an aggressive encounter. This program is a minimum of 10 hours of training and will be 12 hours with simulation.
ASD - Advanced Self Defense (20 hours)
This system of defense builds upon techniques and strategies learned in the Basic Physical Defense class. This program covers more prone defense strategies and multiple subject encounters. Participants must have already completed the Basic Physical Defense course prior to taking Advanced Self-Defense.

Physical Defense Programs for Men

RFM - Basic Physical Defense (10-12 hours)
Resisting Aggression is a choice. You are responsible for how you respond to any event in your life. Your decisions contribute to your past, present and future. Only you can make the choice to transform your life by committing to resist aggression. By investing your time and effort into this system, you will be presented with educational options to resist aggression. You will be asked to raise your awareness of aggressive behavior, to recognize how aggressive behavior impacts your life, to take steps to avoid aggressive behavior, and to look at how you can be part of reducing aggression and violence. Unfortunately, in a small number of incidents, physical confrontation may be unavoidable. Our program also provides participants with realistic strategies for men forced into physical confrontation. Resisting Aggression with Defense is designed to empower men to make different decisions when confronted with aggressive behavior. This is the first step towards reducing aggression and violence for ourselves and those we love. This program is a minimum of 10 hours of training and will be 12 hours with simulation.

Physical Defense Programs for Seniors

RFS- Basic Physical Defense (15 hours)
Offering awareness and defense strategies for older adults, this course is taught in a relaxed environment that is conducive to learning tested instructional techniques, proven tactics, and unique insights about the problems unique to older adults. Our program also includes physical defense workouts for technique development, and educational components to assist with the development of defensive strategies. This program is presented in ten (10) 90 minute sessions.

Physical Defense Program for Women, Men and Seniors

self defense1 WDS - Weapons Defense System (8 hours)

This system teaches participants realistic defensive strategies against edged weapons and firearms. Participation in RAD Systems basic physical defense courses prior to taking this course is highly recommended, but not required.

self defense1 KDO - Keychain Defense Options (3-4 hours)
The R.A.D. Keychain Defense Options course is one of the only realistic and court-defensible impact weapons programs available for the general public. Combining proven R.A.D. Physical Defense strategies with revolutionary impact weapons defense techniques, makes this program a worthy addition to the R.A.D. System. Realistic employment, combat effectiveness, ‘light impact”, fluid transitions and even simulation training exercises are all part of this program. This program revolves around use of the Kubaton in conjunction with weapon-enhanced physical skills. This program is a minimum of 3 hours of training and will be 4 hours with simulation. Participants must have already completed the Basic Physical Defense course prior to taking Keychain Defense Options.
self defense2 ADO - Aerosol Defense Options (3-4 hours)
Using the proven R.A.D. Systems philosophy, this system destroys the myths and manufacturer hype about pepper spray effectiveness and even their ability to deter a committed focused aggressor. Learn the most realistic methods for accessing, deploying and assisting the aerosol defense option; And if it fails to work (and it may), learn the proven backup strategies needed for successful escape. R.A.D. Systems has conducted over 300 videotaped live test exposures to various aerosol products with a wide range of delivery systems. Stop believing a manufacturers selling hype, we know what works and what doesn't through hands on experience. This program is a minimum of 3 hours of training. Participation in RAD Systems basic physical defense courses prior to taking this course is highly recommended, but not required.


R.A.D. Systems Self-Defense @ West Chester University
Spring 2016 Course Schedule

Register for a WCU R.A.D. Course

The Fall 2016 schedule of RAD for WOMEN is listed below.

To register for any of these classes please click on the registration link

All classes require at least 2 participants. Bring a friend.

Women's Basic Physical Defense - BPD
Fall 2016 Course #1 (Wednesday Mornings)
(Two hours once a week for six weeks)

Session 1 September 14th 9am - 11am
Session 2 September 21st 9am - 11am
Session 3 September 28th 9am - 11am
Session 4 October 5th 9am - 11am
Session 5 October 12th 9am - 11am
Session 6 October 19th 9am - 11am

Fall 2016 Course #2 (Thursday Afternoons)

(Two hours once a week for six weeks)

Session 1 October 20th 2pm - 4pm
Session 2 October 27th 2pm - 4pm
Session 3 November 3rd 2pm - 4pm
Session 4 November 10th 2pm - 4pm
Session 5 November 17th 2pm - 4pm
Session 6 December 5th 2pm - 4pm

Fall 2016 Course #3 (Tuesday Evenings)
(Two hours once a week for six weeks)

Session 1
September 20th
6pm - 8pm
Session 2
September 27th
6pm - 8pm
Session 3
October 4th
6pm - 8pm
Session 4
October 11th
6pm - 8pm
Session 5
October 18th
6pm - 8pm
Session 6
October 25th
6pm - 8pm


Contact Jon Brill if you’re interested in participating in any of these other courses for women. Please check the course description to see if there are pre-requisites.

Advanced Self-Defense Course

Aerosol Defense Options Course

Keychain Defense Options Course

Weapons Defense Systems Course

Register for a WCU R.A.D. Course

The Fall schedule of RAD for MEN is listed below.

Men's Basic Physical Defense - RFM
Fall 2016 Course #1 (Monday Afternoons)
All classes require at least 2 participants
(Three hours once a week for four weeks)

Session 1 November 7th 1pm - 4pm
Session 2 November 14th 1pm - 4pm
Session 3 November 21st 1pm - 4pm
Session 4 November 28th 1pm - 4pm

Group Course Scheduling

For Women and Men - If you are interested in participating in a course with your group on days and times other than those we have on our schedule, please contact Jon Brill for more information on how to register a class specifically for your group. There must be a minimum of 6 participants in your group to schedule a course.

Instructor Certification Courses

Information on becoming a Certified Instructor for R.A.D. Systems is available by going to the R.A.D. Systems web site, or contacting Staff Instructor Jon Brill.