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Contact CARE  


Kimberly Chestnut
Phone: 610-436-3086

Christy Lanshe
Phone: 610-436-0165

CARE Mission Statement

The CARE Team is a campus-wide team that provides a caring approach of identification, consultation, and coordination of the University response to situations involving students who engage in concerning, disruptive and/or potentially harmful behavior. CARE Team serves as a resource to the campus community and centralizes communication. The team identifies risk and develops a collaborative outreach and support plan with campus and community resources.

Report an Incident or ConcernReport an Incident or Concern

CARE Team Description

West Chester University’s CARE Team collaborates with specialized members to promote the safety and well-being of our campus community. The purpose of CARE is to identify an alarming behavior, and provide support to someone who may have academic and/or personal challenges which may have an impact on a successful college experience. This may include behavior regarding a peer or conversations between groups or individuals that may potentially be unhealthy. CARE requests your input so we may be proactive in fostering safety, healthy well-being, and academic achievement for our community. Meet the CARE team

Examples of Concerning Behaviors

• Poses immediate threat to self

• Shows inappropriate anger or hostility

• Exhibits “bizarre” behavior

• Talks about suicide or homicide

• Writes/verbalizes direct threat to another

• Seems overly emotional, depressed, aggressive, suspicious, etc.

• Is the subject of complaints by other students

• Continuously disrupts class and refuses to stop

• Comes to class drunk or high

• Appears to have distorted body image or disordered eating symptomatology

• Is the victim of a sexual assault

• Reports sexual harassment or discrimination

• Has serious issues with test-taking/presentations

• Is suspected of cheating/academic dishonesty

• Difficulty due to illness or death in the family

Notify CARE Team regarding someone who may need help

*If the situation is an emergency, please call Public Safety now, at 610-436-3311*

Reporter may be anonymous:   Report a Concerning Incident/Behavior Form  

Call the Chair of CARE Team – Dr. Gerald Martin - 610-436-1074

Schedule an appointment to meet and talk to someone – Christy Lanshe, 610-436-0165

CARE Team Actions regarding someone in need of help

A CARE Team member will be notified of the student in need, who will then reach out to the student in a timely manner. CARE meets on a regular basis to discuss referrals, outreach results, and discusses the best approach to stay connected and continue to help students to be successful. CARE Team does not disclose the source of information, and will treat each matter with confidentiality, only sharing information with the team members and higher authorities if needed.

CARE Team Members


Name and Contact Information

Dean of Students and Chair of CARE Team

Dr. Gerald Martin


Business Outreach Manager

Christy Lanshe


Director of Student Conduct

Christina Brenner


Assistant Vice President for Academic Systems and University Registrar

Megan Jerabek


Public Safety Detective

Matthew  Rychlak


 Director of Residence Life

Marion McKinney


 Director of Wellness Promotion

Sherry Mendez


 Director of Counseling Services

Dr. Julie Perone


 Director of Student Health Services

Robyn Spragins


Public Safety, Captain or Chief Chief Jon Brill


Assistant Registrar of Transfer Services

Rachel Komlos


Secondary Members

Other members of the University community will be invited to participate in a meeting if their input pertains to a specific individual or case:


Office of Services for Student with Disabilities, Representative

Fraternity and Sorority Life, Representative

Social Equity Staff Member

Instructional Faculty Member

The Graduate School, Representative

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Information:

If you or a loved one is feeling distressed, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The crisis center provides free and confidential emotional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to civilians and veterans.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Text the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 741-741 

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