Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Class & Event Schedule

Courses for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Spring 2017

Course Time Location Instructor
HIS 603 Race, Gender, Genocide in Film Tu 7:15-10:00pm Wayne 403 Dr. Jonathan Friedman
CRJ 505 Criminological Theory W 4:25-7:10pm BPC 112 Dr. Chris Przemieniecki
COM 509 Conflict Resolution W 6:00-8:45pm Philadelphia Campus Dr. Andrea Pampaloni
PHI 570 Bioethics Th 4:25-7:10pm Anderson 109 Dr. Joan Woolfrey

Fall 2017

Course Time Location Instructor
Undergraduate Courses
HIS 332 Holocaust Th 7:15-10:00 pm Brandywine 011 Dr. Jonathan Friedman
Undergraduate Courses (that can also be taken for Graduate Credit)
EGE 409 Holocaust in Film M/W 4:25-5:40 pm Ruby Jones 104 Dr. Joseph Moser
PHI 411 The Problem of War W 4:25-7:10 pm Main 302 Dr. Rebecca Subar
Graduate Courses
HIS 545 Holocaust Tu 7:15-10:00 pm Recitation 212 Dr. Jonathan Friedman
PHI 512 Ethical Theories Th 4:25-7:10 pm UNA 162 Dr. Ruth Porritt
EDF 511 Foundations of Transformative Education M/W 5:50-7:05 pm Brandywine 010 Dr. John Elmore