Department of Public Safety

690 South Church Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383

5 Block Area Rule

Persons living in a 5-block radius of the campus (see following table) can only obtain a parking permit for the "M" parking lot.

In West Chester Borough



100-799 South High St.
200-799 South Walnut St.
100-599 South Church St.
200-799 South Matlack St.
100-599 South Darlington St.
500-799 South Franklin St.
100-799 South New St.
700-799 South Adams St.
100-799 South Wayne St.
700-799 South Penn St.
200-799 South Brandywine St.
1-199 East Miner St.
700-799 South Everhart St.
1-199 East Barnard St.
400-799 South Bradford Ave.
1-399 East Union St.
1-399 West Miner St.
1-299 Magnolia St.
1-499 West Barnard St.
1-299 Lacey St.
1-699 West Union St.
1-299 East Nields St.
1-699 Dean St.
1-299 Linden St.
1-699 Price St.
1-399 East Rosedale Ave.
1-699 Sharpless St.
1-699 West Rosedale Ave.
300-699 West Nields St.
400 block College Ave.
In West Goshen Township
In East Bradford Township
800-999 South New St.
S. Bradford Ave./Lenape Rd.
700-799 South Bolmar St.
Rosedale Ave. to Shropshire Dr.
Norfolk Ave.
Plumtree Development
South Church Ave.
Ceredo Ave.
In Westtown Township
Roslyn Ave.
Springline Dr.
Jefferies Ave.
North Deerwood La.
Spruce Ave.
South Deerwood La.
Oak La.
Trinity Dr.
Rosary La.
Brookwood La.
Easter Cr.
Mystery La.
Jones La.
Rose Ave.
Giunta La.
Anthony La.
Snyder Ave.
Sheridan Dr.
Golf Rd.
Rhodes Ave.
Pritchard La.