Department of Public Safety

690 South Church Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383

Electronic Security Services

As new campus buildings are built and our existing facilities upgraded, they are being secured utilizing a modern computerized card key access system. These systems are designed and monitored by DPS.

In addition to the card key access, closed circuit television cameras are in use at many key locations around our campus. They allow officers to monitor our buildings and parking areas and provide security in those areas without having someone physically present

For more than 10 years, DPS has utilized modern technology in reporting incidents that occur on our campus. In 2005 the Department upgraded the reporting system software to allow the department to track much more information than in the past. This will make the Department’s operation much more efficient in retaining and researching information about all activity on campus.

DPS not only monitors card key access points but also all proximity alarm points for building access and all fire detection and suppression alarms on campus.