Department of Public Safety

690 South Church Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383


Be aware of the location of fire alarms, evacuation routes and fire extinguishers. Always treat a fire alarm activation as though the threat of fire is real.

If you observe a fire or smell smoke inside a building, activate the building fire alarm system and evacuate the building. Once outside, contact Public Safety at 610-436-3311

If the fire is confined and you know how to use a fire extinguisher, attempt to extinguish the fire. If it is not extinguished within 30 seconds, stop and evacuate the building.

When evacuating close all doors, but do not lock them. Smoke is the greatest danger so consider staying close to the floor where the air will be less toxic. If you become trapped, go to the nearest window and hang a piece of clothing from it as a marker for firefighting personnel. If there is no window, stay as close to the floor as possible.

Fire Safety Information