Department of Social Work

College of Education and Social Work

Contact Info:
West Chester Campus
114 W. Rosedale Avenue
West Chester, PA 19383

PASSHE Center City Campus
701 Market Street, Concourse Level
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(610) 436-2527
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Departmental Life Introduction

The Undergraduate Social Work Program believes that protection of students' rights and responsibilities is necessary for a vital program. Students have a right to a quality education from Faculty who are committed to excellence in learning. Students also have a responsibility to participate actively in all educational areas such as the classroom, Field, Social Work Club, University activities, and the larger community.

Throughout the year, there are always activities and programs sponsored by the Social Work Department. The Social Work Club holds weekly meetings. Alumni from the Social Work department return to West Chester University to discuss their professional careers and opportunities in Social Work. Social work students participate and lead social work activities that they design and implement each year.

The Social Work department encourages students to actively participate in the process of formulating policies, having input on the curriculum and initiating other extra- or co-curricular activities. Student participation is supported in the following ways:

  • Bringing Elders and Students Together Student-Faculty Meeting.
    Every first Wednesday of the month at noon (12:00) is designated for student/faculty meeting for the year. The dates of these meetings are announced at the beginning of each semester and reminders are posted on the Social Work bulletin board. This meeting is co-chaired by the Social Work Club president and the BSW Program Director/Chair and is open to any and all students. Prior to the meeting, the Social Work Club President and the Director/Chair meet to develop an agenda. The Social Work Club President invites students to place items of interest or concern on the agenda. The meeting is designed to provide an opportunity for social work students to come and discuss issues or concerns and receive clarification from the social work faculty. This also provides an opportunity for students to propose suggestions and/or solutions to any problems they may encounter in the curriculum or department.
  • The Social Work Advisory Board.
    Undergraduate Social Work Advisory Board which meets at least two times a year and has membership from the following five groups: community leaders, WCU social work alumni, social workers employed in the field from both public and private sectors, educators, and students declared as social work majors.

    The purpose of the Advisory Board is as follows:
    "To promote the professional growth and advancement of social work at West Chester University as it relates to local, national, and international issues; to implement and monitor the Curriculum Policy Statement mandated by the Council on Social Work Education; to serve as the impetus for social work alumni activities; to advise and consult the Dean of the appropriate School of innovative directions that the Department should pursue; to advise and assist in soliciting and maintaining field placements for students; network with employers on career placement for graduates; assist in fundraising activities for the Department."

    List of Current Advisory Board Members

  • Student Representatives.
    Student representatives are elected by their classmates, one from each class, in order to participate in additional activities. The student representatives act as a liaison between the Undergraduate Social Work Program and the Social Work student body.
  • Student Representation at Advisory Board Meetings.
    The Social Work Advisory Board meets approximately once a semester. The President, Vice-President or other selected member from each of the student organizations (Social Work Club, Phi Alpha Honor Society, Active Minds, the Advocate, and Rotaract) may attend at least Advisory Board meetings.
  • Informal Procedures.
    In addition to the formal procedures described above, the social work faculty all operate under an open-door policy, in addition to their required scheduled office hours, which allows for dialogue, exchange of opinions, feedback, etc. with students, faculty will meet with students at other mutually agreed upon times. The opportunity for joint work projects advances the overall positive student/faculty relationships.