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Field Education: Introduction

Field Education at West Chester University's Undergraduate Program of Social Work is a required part of the curriculum. The goal of field education is to provide the opportunity for students to integrate classroom content with direct practice, while establishing an identity within the profession of social work. The Field Education experience is concurrent with course work, and focuses on the integration of course content with the development of skill in agency work. Education objectives coincide with the field education and are sequential, building upon each other throughout the program. Students receive ongoing supervision, and engage in a continuous educational process through the assignment of a field education instructor.

Janet Bradley, Director, Field Education Content Chair
B.S.W. LaSalle University
M.L.S.P. Bryn Mawr College
M.S.S. Bryn Mawr College
Janet Bradley has numerous years of experience in medical social work. Her areas of professional interests are health, disability, adoption and children.

Who is this Web Page intended for?
This web page is intended for...

  1. Prospective students to become oriented to West Chester University's undergraduate Social Work Program. We encourage visitors to browse the field education web page.
  2. Current undergraduate students to provide access to documents needed throughout your Field Education.
  3. Field instructors to allow easy access to the field manuals and forms needed throughout the student's placement your agency.