Multicultural Faculty Commission

  West Chester University

Lei Zhu, Ph.D.
304 Anderson Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610-430-5671

2007 Recipients


to the following recipients of the first Multicultural Faculty Commission (MFC) Professional Development Grants.

  • Ana Sanchez: “Using Video to Bring the Target Culture to the Language Classroom and Build Background Knowledge,” $969.

  • Tonya Thames Taylor, “Evaluation of Black Lynching in America,” $1000.

  • C. Jim Trotman, “The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site: Visiting Cedar Hill,” $1000.

  • Cherise Pollard, “ ‘Return’: Presentation at the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference,” $580.

  • Larry Williams, “Inductive Reasoning in Developing Creative Skills in College Students. Presentation at the Annual Conference at the Institute for Creativity in Israel,” $1000.

  • Jasmin McConatha, “The Quest for Free Time: Gender and Cultural Inequalities in Availability and Access to Leisure Activities,” $1000.

  • Anita Foeman, “Communication as Science and Magic: DNA and the Social Construct of Race,” $1000.

  • Virginia Da Costa, “Curriculm Development for a Current Art History Course: Non-Western Art,” $986.

  • Gwenelle O’Neal, “Developing an Online Interactive Multicultural Bibliography,” $300.

  • The MFC gives a sincere “Thanks” to Dr. Michael Ayewoh , Dr. Timothy Brown, Professor Awilda Reyes, and Dr. Celia Esplugas for their time, interest, and leadership on this professional development for faculty.

The MFC thanks our Provost Linda Lamwers for providing the funds and for approving the recommendations of the Proposal Review Committee of the MFC.