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2009 Recipients

The Multicultural Faculty Commission (MFC) Grant Committee proudly announces the recipients of the highly competitive and peer-reviewed 2009 MFC Faculty Professional Grants. We had an overwhelming response to our Request for Proposals (RFPs). The maximum amount of the award was $2000. Although all proposals submitted were of high quality, the following requests are being honored:

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Chris Kwame Awuyah, Associate Professor of English and Co-Chair of the Frederick Douglass Institute, “Educational Visit to the Frederick Douglass National Historical Site.”

Dr. Anita Foeman, Professor of Communications, “Advanced Intercultural Communication: DNA Project.”

Dr. Cynthia Hall, Assistant Professor of Geology and Astronomy, “Contamination in Organically and Conventionally Grown Fruits and Vegetables.”

Dr. John Hanson, Assistant Professor of English, “Integrating Newspaper Reading and Writing in Classroom Instruction.”

Dr. Bessie Lawton, Assistant Professor of Communications, “Interracial Couples’ Decisions Regarding their Children’s Education.”

Dr. Edmundo Morales, Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, “Traditional Hats in the Andean Region.”

Mrs. Ana Sanchez, Instructor of Modern Languages and Cultures, “Introducing a Unit of Literary Analysis Spanish 202: The Issue of Race and Culture in ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ by Mark Twain and ‘Cocori’ by Joaquin Gutierrez.”

Dr. Jerry M. Williams, Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures, “Eighteenth-Century Oratory and Poetic Contests in Peru: Bermundez de la Torre and Peralta Barnuevo.”

Dr. Hyoejin Yoon, Associate Professor of English, “The Rhetoric of Objects: Chinese Femininity and Material Culture in Nineteenth-Century America.”

College of Education
Dr. Wei Wei Cai, Professor of Elementary Education, “Assessing Intercultural Development in Students.”

College of Business and Public Affairs
Dr. Lei Zhu, Assistant Professor of Economics, “The Rhetoric of Objects: Chinese Femininity and Material Culture in Nineteenth-Century America.”

The MFC Grant Selection Committee thanks the deans and department chairs for supporting the submitted proposals.

Also, the committee says “Thank You” to Interim President Linda Lamwers, Interim Provost Dr. Darla Spence Coffey, Dr. Timothy Brown, Dr. Shirley Grice, Assistant Professor Awilda Reyes, Dr. tonya thames taylor, Dr. Michael Aweyoh, Ms. Jeanne King, and Ms. Catherine Spaur for their continued support of the activities of the Multicultural Faculty Commission (MFC).