Multicultural Faculty Commission

  West Chester University

Lei Zhu, Ph.D.
304 Anderson Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610-430-5671


Spring 2007 Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2008 Newsletter (PDF)

Fall 2009 Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2010 Newsletter (PDF)

General Information about the MFC Newsletters

When is the MFC Newsletter published?

Once a semester. November for the fall; April in the spring.  

Who should I send it to?

The MFC encourages all faculty to send items to the MFC Newsletter’s editor Dr. Karyn Usher at  

What is the purpose of the MFC Newsletter?

The purpose of this newsletter is to announce the accomplishments of multicultural faculty as they occur from semester to semester. It links professional development activities to the transformations of the university’s strategic Plan of Excellence.

What makes the MFC Newsletter different from those in the various colleges?

  • This newsletter highlights SERVICE as well as publications and publications.
  • This newsletter highlights various non-traditional aspects of professional and leadership growth. Also, it enhances the concept of distributed and diverse leadership.
  • This newsletter highlights the best practices of a faculty member or department.
  • This newsletter will be posted on the MFC website. Therefore, any interested person can read it and read about a person’s skill set and research interests.
  • This newsletter is a result of a “visibility” recommendation made at the last three retreats. So, please continue to send to your information to your college dean. The more people who know of your accomplishment, the better!

Who gets this MFC Newsletter?

The Provost, the Deans, department chairs, Public Relations, VP for Advancement, President’s Council, MFC faculty through e-mail, and those who visit the website.

What are we looking for?

Please don’t be shy about sending information.  It is important to let people know about the vitality of multicultural faculty.

What should I send?

  • When sending publication information, please send complete publication information in the documentation form for your discipline.  
  • For presentations, the title, location, conference (if applicable) and the date.
  • For service, 25-word description. For example, Professor W served as a consultant on the Learning Project of Philadelphia. In this capacity, she reviewed grant proposals or Professor X was an invited guest of the Learning Tree Alliance. While there, he discussed the role economics plays in redistricting. Professor Y spoke at Zion Lion Methodist Church about the role Latinos played in the political election of Houston or Professor Z guest lectured in Professor A’s History class. He spoke about communication in the 1920s.  Please do not include future events. Save it for the following semester’s newsletter