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  West Chester University

Lei Zhu, Ph.D.
304 Anderson Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
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Annual Retreat

2010 Multicultural Faculty Commission (MFC) Sixth Annual Retreat

Mendenhall Inn
 March 26, 2010
8 AM-1:30 PM

8-8:45Session #1—15-Year Review of Faculty of Color Data at WCU—Updates from Lisa Yannick (Institutional Research), Richeleen Dashield (Social Equity) and tonya thames taylor (MFC).

Outcome of this session: To see what areas the data raises in terms in terms of faculty.

In this session, data will give a 15-year review of areas crucial to faculty performance. We will receive the annual update from Social Equity about recruitment and hiring. And, lastly, IR and MFC will discuss the 15-year review.

8:50-10:00 AM— Session #2—Drilling for the Nerve: An Honest Conversation about Diversity and Globalism—Facilitated by Drs. Wei Wei Cai (Education) and Margaret Ottley (Kinesiology)

Outcome of this session: We will leave with a collective understanding of how West Chester University value diversity. And, we will define diversity for our group. We will use this definition to follow up on the current strategic plan of the MFC and to further articulate our collective strategic vision for WCU.

In this session, the panelists, in an interactive format and using group discussion, will facilitate a conversation that will answer these questions: Is diversity a choice at WCU? Why do some blur the meaning of diversity and global awareness with the recruitment of international students and faculty and staff of color? Should international and faculty and staff of color be “grateful” to work in higher education or respected for their differences that forces the institution to change the status quo?  Are faculty members of color recruited to support and document the diversity plan or given real opportunities to excel and grow? Is there faculty imperialism? Do we lack the core information about diversity to understand it as a principle? Is it truly threaded into the curriculum? What happens when all the voices at the table are the same with notable absence from people of color?

10:05-11 AM— Session #3—Among Us: Faculty Sharing Intellect and Creativity

Outcome of this session: To make faculty aware of each other’s research and interests.

In this session, after the invited presentations, faculty will be given a chance to share what they are working on, completing, and future projects.

11:05 AM-12 PM—Session #4—Breaking Glass Ceilings and Going Beyond Obligatory Remarks: A Conversation with President Greg Weisenstein—Moderated by Dr. John Hanson

Outcome of the session:  President Greg Weisenstein will engage in a conversation about: (1) the perspectives of institutional climate directly from faculty and staff of color at West Chester University; (2) the disappointment with the continuous absence of people of color in administrative positions  including those who are appointed at the university; (3) our desire is a campus climate where all faculty, staff, and students can feel empowered, respected, with willingness from the status quo to listen and engage the skills and knowledge of a diverse community;  and (4) the critical point in our history with long-term faculty and staff leaving due to retirement.  

12:30-1:30 PM— Lunch

Guiding Principle of 6th Annual MFC Retreat
“Organizational commitment is needed for the strength of diversity to serve as a hallmark for the institution. To develop and maintain an inclusive multi-cultural university community, the institution must demand that diversity be valued, go beyond statements, be found in governance at all levels, and incorporated in perspectives and programs. Therefore, diversity must be threaded in every facet of the universities core foundations.”  
--WCU Multicultural, Professor and Department Chair of WCU 1979 to 2010,  MCJoyner

2010 MFC Retreat Committee:
Wei Wei Cai
Mildred “Mit” Joyner
Katherine Norris
Margaret Ottley
Awilda Reyes
Bhim Sandhu
tonya thames taylor
Jerry Williams