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M.A. in Communication Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

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M.A. in Communication Studies

Matthew Meier

Program Overview

In a competitive job market, effective communication is essential to leadership and to building strong, successful interpersonal relationships with others. A Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies will make you more marketable in a variety of fields. Our graduates acquire theoretical knowledge and research skills that are applicable in any field they choose. The Master of Arts in Communication Studies program at West Chester University take a comprehensive view of the broad field of communication. The program seeks to build understanding and abilities across a broad array of communication contexts (including organizational, interpersonal, small group, mass media, and public relations). The program is designed to provide a theory-based approach to a variety of communicative phenomena while simultaneously stressing the value of research. Together, theory and research provide our students with the proper foundation for making solid, persuasive arguments in their professional and academic pursuits.


Program Highlights

Our M.A. program addresses the breadth of the discipline with excellent faculty who are active researchers in their respective areas of expertise. We prefer face to face classroom experience and offer our classes exclusively at night in order to facilitate the schedules of our students who are working professionals. We offer both a research-focused thesis and more applied non-thesis options depending on each student's career and educational goals.


What can I do with this degree?

Advertising & Marketing, Communications Administration, Public Planning, Fundraising, Event Planning, Lobbying, Sales, Political Campaigning, Public Relations, Human Resources, Training and Consulting, Community College Teaching, Further Graduate Study.

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