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B.S.Ed. in English

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B.S.Ed. in English

Sarah Paylor



Program Overview

With more than 500 undergraduates, 80 graduate students, and more than 70 full-time and adjunct faculty, we are a large and dynamic community dedicated to building knowledge in the field of English Studies. Whether your passion lies in Literature, Rhetoric & Writing, Creative Writing, English Education, or other specialties in the discipline, we'll help you hone the key skills—persuasive writing, deep reading, critical thinking, and clear speaking—that are essential to professional success and informed citizenship in today's world. The Bachelor of Science in English Education (B.S.Ed.) degree is accredited by NCATE, and prepares students to become certified middle- and high-school English teachers. Get Involved: Poetry Center Two student literary journals (Daedalus and Literati) English Club English Alumni organization Sigma Tau Delta English honor society National Council of Teachers in English (NCTE).



Literatures Track

Welcome to the Literatures Track! This track of the English major focuses on the study of literature in its many complex genres (poetry, fiction, drama, film, graphic novels, digital literature, and more), historical periods (from the ancient world to the twenty-first century), and cultural traditions (U.S., British, Multi-Ethnic, World, and Comparative). Our students read and interpret literature for the urgent questions it raises about identity, ethics, justice, race, gender, nationality, sexuality, and humanity, even as they develop concrete career skills in writing, research, critical analysis, information literacy, and oral communication. Literature is where the meanings are—come discover them with us!

Writings Track

Write. Reveal. Resist. Revise: Welcome to the Writings Track! Do you want to change the world? Now, we don't pretend that writers alone can direct the course of history. But we do know that writers make stories, and stories shape our reality. Change the stories a culture tells, and you are on your way to changing its reality. If you're passionate about ethics, citizenship, justice, and beauty, the Writings Track will help you join the millennia-old conversation about the relationship between language, truth, and reality. In learning how other generations and other cultures have conceptualized these big questions, you prepare yourself to take crucial writerly action today for the future of our shrinking globe. Join the tradition!


Program Highlights

Our students have many opportunities to apply their classroom knowledge to pre-professional and professional environments. Through student teaching, undergraduate research, and internships, students learn how to transfer their critical thinking, information literacy, and written and oral communication skills to the workforce. The English Department sponsors a vibrant cultural life that includes a renowned Poetry Center, readings by notable authors, two student literary journals (Daedalus and Literati), an English Club, an English Alumni organization, numerous student awards and scholarships, and local chapters of the Sigma Tau Delta English honors society and the National Council of Teachers in English (NCTE). Our students and faculty are also actively involved in the university’s ongoing sustainability efforts. All of these opportunities enable students to expand their learning experience beyond the classroom and collaborate with others who share their passions. WCU also offers study abroad opportunities including digital storytelling, student teaching, and cross-cultural education experiences.


What can I do with this degree?

The B.S. in Education in English prepares students to teach in the secondary schools in Pennsylvania under an Instructional I Certificate.

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