Cynthia Hall, Ph.D

Assistant Professorr
Office Hours: M 1:15-4:15; T 11-12, 2-3; R 2-4
Office Phone: 610-436-1003
Office Location: Merion 215
Courses Taught:
Geochemistry, The Carbon Cycle

B.S. Chemistry, Howard University
Ph.D. Geochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Hall teaches Environmental Geochemistry (ESS 301) and SCI 101, The Carbon Cycle, a general education science course designed for elementary education majors. Dr. Hall has conducted research on marine nitrogen cycling, specifically examining the rates and pathways of denitrification, a reaction that removes biologically available nitrogen, on the continental shelf and salt marshes of Georgia. Currently, Dr. Hall is studying heavy metal contamination in Philadelphia soils. In particular, the element lead has found to be abundant in Philadelphia soils and because lead is a neurotoxin to humans, the research team is now investigating the source and fate of the lead to determine the rick for public health. The heavy metals will be measured using a handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer, which can detect trace metals in the ppm range in under 60 seconds. The handheld version allows samples to be analyzed in the field. Dr. Hall’s personal interests include yoga, capoeira, vegetarian cooking, outdoor activities, and spending time with her husband and three children.