Tim Lutz, Ph.D

Email: tlutz@wcupa.edu
Office Hours: M/R 12-1; T 11-12, 3:30-4:30; W 1-2
Office Phone: 610-436-3498
Office Location: Merion 231
Courses Taught:
Humans and the Environment, Environmental Geology, Geometrics

B.A. Wesleyan University
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Lutz says, “My specialty is being a generalist.” As an undergraduate he designed and completed a major that combined geology, physics, history, and archaeology. As a graduate student he developed interests in models and statistics in geoscience. Throughout his 30-year career those broad interests led to published collaborative work on the ages of rocks, the movement and chemical evolution of molten rock in earth’s crust, the global pattern of earth’s tectonic plate boundaries, the pattern of reversals of earth’s magnetic field, the stability of supply of rare resources, patterns in fossil ammonite shells, the cooling history of rocks in over-thrusts, the chemistry of the mineral tourmaline, the role of mill dams in the evolution of streams, the formation of high-grade metamorphic rocks, and the locations of volcanoes and sinkholes in relation to fractures in earth’s crust.

Most recently Dr. Lutz is studying topics that involve geoscience education, public policy, and sustainability, including teaching about flood risk, climate change, and using a values framework to develop thoughtful attitudes about citizenship and stewardship. President Weisenstein appointed Dr. Lutz West Chester University’s first sustainability coordinator in 2010. Dr. Lutz helped guide the University’s adoption of the College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment and a University-wide assessment of sustainability. On his sabbatical in spring 2013 Dr. Lutz is working on projects to enhance the teaching and learning of sustainability at WCU. In fall 2013, Dr. Lutz will teach Geometrics, a course about ideas and methods geoscience professionals can use to explore and visualize data.