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  1. Design a center website to promote collaboration among project members, initiate threaded discussions and chat groups, provide links to related sites, and disseminate information regarding course revision, local professional development opportunities, workshops, training sessions, course offerings, school activities, student information, and symposiums.
  2. Gather and disseminate, via brochures and website, information from around the state and country on constructivist training and methods.
  3. Provide currently available lesson plans and workshop kits to local K-16 faculty and statewide faculty involved with the project.
  4. Provide site for discussions among teachers, scientists, etc. on teaching methods, content, and other topics.
  5. Provide information on changing state standards in teaching, certification standards, etc.
  6. Link to and support the center for the study of the West Branch Susquehanna River drainage, centered at LHUP, but for the use of all K-16 schools.
  7. Act as an equipment and training center resource for K-16 faculty.
  8. Provide collaboration through chat groups and threaded discussions by all members of the project statewide.