Strategic Planning & Resource Council

West Chester University



Presidential Initiative Award


Presidential Initiative funds are made available to the campus community to promote various strategic initiatives that implement and promote the Plan for Excellence. Applications are invited for the Presidential Initiative Funding.

Activities supported by these grants will serve to implement or make progress toward implementation of the goals defined under the five transformations in the Plan for Excellence.

Grant recipients are expected to identify, compile and share "best practices" and "lessons learned" noted through implementation of the project funded through the grant.

The Presidential Initiative Grant process runs according to the following protocol and timeline:

Fall semester The RFP is issued from the President's Office.
November 1st The RFP is made available to the University community.
January 15th A reminder notice is circulated announcing proposal deadlines. Proposals will be due in the President's Office on or before March 1.
On or before April 1st SPRC screening committee forwards its recommendations to the President's Office.
May 1st Project Directors of awarded initiatives are issued a reminder from the President's Office that their year-end report and budget status sheet are to be submitted no later than June 30th.
June 30th Year-end report and budget status sheets are due to the President.
Early August SPRC screening committee reviews and discuss the year-end reports, budget status sheets and the Budget Office reports , recommending the extension of proposals and transfer of balances for awarding future proposals if appropriate. Completed proposals may be highlighted by SPRC on the SPRC website.
Final deadline: June 30th Proposals are expected to begin in the summer or fall semester and be completed by June 30th.

Final Report Guidelines

  1. Year end final reports and budget status are due to the Office of the President by June 30th.
  2. Reports are to include all project activities for the academic year during which the project was run.
  3. The report is to include the following:
    1. How the project advanced the intended transformation(s)
    2. Measurable outcomes for the project
    3. Plans for sharing the project results
    4. Completed budget forms
  4. A 250 word summary about the project (to be placed on the SPRC web-site)