Student Research and
Creative Activities

West Chester University

Gretchen Studlien-Webb
Department of theatre and Dance
College of Visual and Performing Arts
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Student Research & Creative Activities (SRCA) AY 14-15 Committee Members

Mehr, Kristin Counseling Center 610-436-2301
Cramer, Stanley Kinesiology 610-436-2415
Fan, Xin Biology 610-436-2281
Foeman, Anita Communication Studies 610-436-2283
Ingersoll, Travis Undergraduate Social Work 610-436-2527
McCoy, Vickie Ann Counselor Education 610-436-2559
Loustau, Erica Arts 610-436-2755

Studlien-Webb, Gretchen (Chair)

Theatre & Dance 610-436-3463
Coutu, Gary Geography and Planning 610-738-0522
Grillo, Liz Communication Sciences & Disorder 610-436-2132
Zhu, Linda Management 610-738-0588

Ex-Officio Member: Dr. Gautam Pillay, Associate Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs (