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WCU RideShare


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WCU RideShare

Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services
Phone: 610-436-2984

RideShare Carpooling Service: What is it?

Rideshare image with Rammy WCU has partnered with eRideShare to bring you two free carpool matching programs- an app and a wesbite. Both Otto and RideShare are for WCU faculty, staff and students. Just use the links on this page to find or join a carpool. Participating can help you save money, reduce carbon emissions, and find a parking space on campus!

Otto is an app for both iPhone and Android that allows you to connect with other people studying or working at WCU to create your own carpool.

The Rideshare website allows you to enter your route online and then negotiate with whomever contacts you about sharing a ride

How Does WCU RideShare Work?

Find or join a carpool by creating an account and either posting your travel route or joining a current one. The system is completely private: it gives you a separate log in name and hides your email address.

Why Use WCU RideShare?

Carpooling can save you as much as $1,000 a year in auto fuel, insurance and maintenance costs. You will also enjoy a more relaxing ride to and from work. Just as important, you’ll help preserve the environment.

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