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Professional Studies


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Professional Studies


Lawrence Center Rm. 222
West Chester, PA 19383
Fax: 610-436-2600


Professor Bruce Norris

*To set up an appointment for in-person program information,
change of major or your semester appointment, contact Professor Norris'
administrative support at 610-436-3548,

The Liberal Studies - Professional Studies degree provides students with an opportunity to create a unique, individualized program of study. It is multi-disciplinary in scope and affords students with a great deal of flexibility in developing and, ultimately,achieving their educational goal.

This program prepares the student for many exciting future opportunities! Students graduate demonstrating professional proficiency choosing from a range of available minors allowing the student's selected areas of study to reflect a customized plan of study.

If you have professional background already, the BS in Liberal Studies - Professional Studies is for you! In addition to General Education Requirements canidates for the BS in Liberal Studies - Professional Studies, are required to complete two minors including one from a designated professional area.

What can I do with my major?

Professional Studies actually opens more doors than a student might realize. The key element upon which a Professional Studies student should focus is the diversity of skills and abilities they develop while pursuing this major. Employers in today's job market are looking for job candidates who can work collaboratively, can think on their feet, look at a problem from different perspectives, analyze it and come up with solutions, communicate effectively in both oral and written form, and think critically. In short, it prepares students to face the ever changing and ever challenging demands of today's workplace.

Students who wish to pursue graduate degrees or other post-baccalaureate degree opportunities might need to take additional coursework either within the undergraduate degree or later, in order to meet the admissions requirements for those programs.  When this is identified during advising sessions, the Program Advisor will assist the student in reviewing various options.

Values, Vision and Mission Statement

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