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Academic Advising


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Academic Advising

Students can find their advisor contact information on the homepage of their myWCU account.

Are You Here To...

  • Find out who your advisor is?
  • Your advisor's name appears on your myWCU homepage.

    New resource: students can also consult with their College Academic Coordinators to obtain more advising support. Make appointments to ask them about scheduling, policies, and more!

  • Learn when should you visit your advisor?
  • Meet with your advisor at least one week before the class registration date shown on your myWCU homepage.

  • Learn when you can register for classes?
  • myWCU allows you to register on the date shown on your myWCU homepage, but you cannot schedule without advisor permission.

  • Learn how to register for classes?
  • Take a look at Registrar's Tips for Getting Started for help on registering for classes.

  • Know what is expected of you as an advisee?
  • Good advising is a shared responsibility in which advisors and advisees collaborate to help students achieve their aims. Learn more about your responsibilities in this process.

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Are You Here To...

  • Learn how to add a comment to a student record?
  • Advisor comments are being replaced by the easier and more robust MyWCU Advising Notes, which will add an advisor's notes to a student's permanent MyWCU record. See instructions for use on the Faculty menu of the UPK Tutorial page.

  • Find your advisees' Degree Progress Reports?
  • In your myWCU account

    • Use the drop-down menu under "Faculty Quick Links" and click "View My Advisees"
    • Click on "View Student Details"
    • Click on Degree Progress Report
  • Learn what you and your advisees should discuss at an advising meeting?
  • Suggested topics of discussion are listed on the Tips for Advisors page.

  • Learn how you can help students avoid common mistakes?
  • The most common problems are not achieving 120 credits and not taking classes in the proper sequence. View our Tips for Advisors to learn more.

  • Know what is expected of you as an advisor?
  • Good advising is a shared responsibility in which advisors and advisees collaborate to help students achieve their aims. Learn more about your responsibilities in this process.

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of the week

  • I’m a first-year student coming to WCU in the fall. Why did I get the classes that are showing up on my fall schedule?

    Your classes are determined by the major you chose, by preferences that your major department listed for its students, by the availability of classes, and by the placement tests you took and the questionnaire you filled out as part of the Placement Portal. Most incoming students receive one evening class and one 8 AM class. WCU’s scheduling team also took into consideration whether you are an athlete in season, whether you are a commuter, and other special circumstances.

  • How can I change my schedule?

    Until Monday, 8/21, you may have your schedule changed for only four reasons:

    1. 1. AP or Transfer Credit was posted to your record
    2. 2. Conflict with athletic/band/work schedule
    3. 3. Change of major (you will be directed to the Admissions Office during your orientation)
    4. 4. Change in Placement Scores

    To request a schedule change, complete a “Request to Change First Semester Schedule” form found on your myWCU account under Useful Links in the “Academic Information” section. We may not be able to honor all schedule change requests. All students will be able to change their own schedule online beginning on 8/21.

  • I’m a transfer student coming to WCU in the fall. Do I have to come to orientation?

    While you may have attended another institution, getting oriented to a new place before you have to survive in it is always a good idea. You’d want to know a little about Thailand before being dropped onto the streets on Bangkok, for example. So we require all transfers with 60 or fewer credits to attend orientation. Students with more than this have the option of participating in the on-campus orientation or doing an online orientation on D2L (our online instruction software platform).