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Graduate Studies

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Graduate Assistantships Information

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Graduate Assistantships

The Office of Graduate Studies realizes that pursuing your graduate education can be a substantial financial undertaking. In order to aid our graduate students with the cost, WCU has created an extensive Graduate Assistantship Program that offers Graduate Assistantships to over 10% of our students.

What are the benefits of a Graduate Assistantship (GA)?

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Stipend for the academic year
  • Experience in academic field
  • Experience in higher education

For more information regarding the application process, opportunities, etc, please contact the Graduate Assistantship Coordinator at

Eligibility and General Information

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to qualified graduate students for Fall and Spring semesters ONLY. Interested students should contact their graduate coordinator to determine the availability of assistantships.

To be eligible to receive a graduate assistantship, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Must be a fully matriculated, degree-seeking, graduate student; certification students are not eligible, and provisionally accepted students are not eligible unless the provisions are removed before the semester begins. Exceptions are not applicable for non-degree students. Exceptions for certification and provisionally accepted students must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for current graduate students (if a graduating senior, the undergraduate GPA must be at least 2.8)
  3. Have indicated interest in a graduate assistantship on the electronic application for admission to graduate studies

To indicate interest in a graduate assistantship when applying for admission to graduate studies, a check mark must be placed in the graduate assistanship interest area located near the end of the application. The check mark automatically downloads student information into the Graduate Assistantship applicant pool. Subsequently, this information is forwarded to the Graduate Coordinator of each program for review and decision.

Assistantships are also offered by departments outside of the individual colleges (non-academic) such as the Academic Programs and Services Division, Residence Life and Housing, Sykes Student Union, the Academic Computing Center, and other offices. The announcements posted under "Current Opportunities" are usually submitted by (but not restricted to) these areas.

The hiring process for graduate assistantships for the academic year usually begins around the end of February and continues through the month of July. Award notifications are forwarded beginning in April and continue until all available positions have been filled.

Graduate assistants, in return for up to 20 hours of assigned duties per week, receive tuition remission, and a stipend. Students are responsible for any charges other than tuition (i.e. fees in excess of tuition charges). Maintaining graduate assistantships requires students to demonstrate both satisfactory performance in meeting assigned hours, dates, and responsibility, as well as good academic standing. Students holding graduate assistantships who fail to maintain good academic standing (minimum GPA of 3.0) will have their assistantships revoked. This policy includes grades received for courses taken during summer and winter sessions. Departments also may stipulate higher academic standards for maintaining assistantships.

Graduate Assistants are NOT REQUIRED to work during University authorized breaks/days off (i.e. fall/spring break) unless the job description provided by the hiring department specifically indicates this as a stipulation. Graduate Assistants are also NOT REQUIRED to make up work hours when the University closes due to inclement weather. However, graduate assistants ARE REQUIRED to work during the week of final exams unless an alternate agreement is reached with the immediate supervisor.

Graduate Assistantship Waiver-Stipend Breakdown

Payroll Information

Spring 2017 Pay Dates

(along with corresponding work weeks)

  • February 17 - for pay period ending February 3
  • March 3 - for pay period ending February 17
  • March 17 - for pay period ending March 3
  • March 31 - for pay period ending March 17
  • April 14 - for pay period ending March 31
  • April 28 - for pay period ending April 14
  • May 12 - for pay period ending April 28
  • May 26 - for pay period ending May 12


ALL new hires must report to the University Payroll Office located at 201 Carter Drive in order to complete the required paperwork. A social security card and a current driver's license or state issued identification must be presented in order to complete the W4, I9 and criminal background check (no exceptions).Students hired as Graduate Assistants are NOT ALLOWED to begin working until the Payroll/Background Check processes are completed.

The graduate assistantship stipend is distributed on a bi-weekly basis through West Chester University's Payroll Office (eight payments per semester). Unless direct deposit is established, checks must be picked up in the Payroll Office each payday. Graduate Assistants ARE NOT required to submit timesheets in order to receive bi-weekly stipend payments. Even so, this does not release students from the responsibility of managing and reporting the time worked to their respective supervisors.

Information for Faculty and Staff

The form below is for department funded GA requests. The form is NOT required for GAs funded by the Dean of Graduate Studies.

For questions concerning the assistantship hiring process, please email

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

Available graduate assistantship positions are now being posted on the Twardowski Career Development Center’s website Click here. On the left hand side, select "Graduate Assistantship" under catergory and then press the search button to review. Positions will be posted as they become available.