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Center for Contemplative Studies

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Donald McCown
Associate Professor

Christine Moriconi
Associate Professor

700 S. Church St.
West Chester, PA 19383
(across from Anderson Hall)

Phone: 610-436-2200

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November Events

Saturday Seminar at the CCS

Distinguished Speaker Series Presents:

Dr. Wayne Jonas
"How Healing Works: And What it Means for Healthcare"

Thursday, November 2, 6 - 8pm
Sykes Theater, Sykes Student Union

We now know that most of health – possibly up to 80% – comes from factors outside of what happens in the doctor’s office. In fact, healing comes mostly from inside ourselves, from our own inherent capacity to heal. But how do we awaken that capacity? The primary determinants of health involve factors in four dimensions – mind/spirit, social/emotional, behavior/lifestyle, and the physical environment. However, these are factors that too few clinicians learn to deliver. How can we integrate these dimensions into our health system to move beyond medical treatment to health creation?

In this talk, Dr. Jonas will describe a simple, systematic approach that helps patients tap into their inherent healing capacity. Through personal stories from 40 years as a family physician and drawing on the most rigorous scientific evidence available, Dr. Jonas will show that shifting the patient/doctor encounter to focus on the whole patient and their environment can quickly move us toward integrative health that enhances healing and reduces chronic disease. He will also incorporate case studies from some of the most pioneering health systems in America—including the U.S. military—that integrate health coaching, movement, and nutrition, as well as practices such as energy medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, and yoga into what they provide.


Open Mic Night at the CCS
  • Open Mic Night at the CCS
  • Friday 11/3 4-6pm

The CCS will host a free open mic night at the Center from 4-6pm with FREE PIZZA and live entertainment.