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Executive Vice President and Provost


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Executive Vice President and Provost

Philips Memorial Hall
Room 103
700 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3405

Dr. R. Lorraine Bernotsky
Executive Vice President and Provost

Jennifer Loeper
Executive Associate to the Provost


TeP - Tenure and Promotion 2017-2018

  • Catherine Prudhoe, Early and Middle Grades Education, Chair of TeP committee
  • Bahir Ulupinar, Economics/Finance
  • Kevin Flynn, Accounting
  • Sandra Kerr, Psychology
  • Greg Tully, Social Work
  • Victoria Tischio, English
  • Deborah Mandel, Nursing
  • Anthony Nicastro, Physics
  • Alison Gardiner-Shires, Sports Medicine
  • Vacant, Non-classroom faculty
  • Sally Van Orden, Art + Design

CAPC - Curriculum and Academic Policies Council 2017-2018

  • Josh Auld, Biology, Chair of CAPC
  • Sue Johnston, Anthropology and Sociology
  • Corinne Murphy, Vice Provost (Interim)
  • Rodney Mader, English
  • Helen Schroepfer, Philosophy
  • Jackie Hodes, Professional and Secondary Education
  • Jeffery Osgood, Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Brent Ruswick, History

SaLe - Sabbatical Leave Committee 2017-2018

  • Katherine Morrison, Sports Medicine, Chair of SaLe
  • Carla Verderame, English
  • Dazhi Zheng, Economics and Finance
  • Page Buck, Graduate Social Work
  • Kathryn Alessandria, Counselor Education
  • Cheryl Monturo, Nursing
  • Michael Fisher, Mathematics
  • Kurt Kolasinski, Chemistry
  • Rachel McMullin, Library Services

ARC - Academic Recognition Committee 2017-2018

  • Edward Lordan, Communication Studies, Chair of ARC
  • Cristobal Cardemil-Krause, Languages and Cultures
  • Jon Esser, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Humanities
  • Xin Fan, Biology
  • Vipanchi Mishra, Psychology
  • Paul Rottenberry, Management
  • Lindsay Sauers, Counseling/Psych Services
  • Heather Schugar, Literacy
  • Regina Subach, Nutrition
  • Andrew Yozviak, Applied Music

Tenure and Promotion Workshop Committee 2017-2018

  • Jennifer Means, Communicative Disorders, Chair of Promotion and Tenure Workshop
  • Kristen Crossney, APSCUF and former TeP member
  • Karen Dickenson, Counseling
  • Vincent Craig, Applied Music