• Public Safety
  • Peoples Building    610-436-3311

    Crime Prevention Programs
    Emergency Preparedness
    Self Defense Programs
    Security Services
    Parking Services

  • Office of Student Conduct
    and Student Assistance
  • Sykes 238    610-436-3511

    Student Code of Conduct Policy
    Assistance when away from campus
       due to illness/emergency
    Sexual Assault Policy/Procedures
    Sexual Assault Incident Report

  • Student Health Services
  • Commonwealth Hall,
    Ground Floor    610-436-2509

    Alcohol/Drug Problem
    Eating Disorders
    Sexual Health (STD and Contraception)
    Immunizations/Allergy Shots
    Pharmacy and Lab Services

  • Diversity and Social Equity
  • 13/15 University Avenue    610-436-2433

    Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Complaints Procedures
    Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures
    Mental Health Awareness

  • LGBTQA Services
  • 238 Sykes Union    610-436-3147
    or 610-436-3351

    Confidential support for LGBTQA Students
    Information about LGBTQA Issues,
       Area Resources, Etc.
    LGBTQA 101 and LGBTQA Ally Training and

  • Counseling and Psychological
  • Lawrence 241    610-436-2301

    Individual/Group Counseling
    Psychiatric Services
    Crisis Intervention

  • Women's Center
  • Lawrence 220    610-436-2122

    Confidential Support for Women in Crisis
    Information and Referrals Covering a Wide
        Variety of Women's Health and Safety Issues
    Relationship Violence Prevention and Other
        Social Justice Programs

  • General University Policies

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Chester County Crime Victims' Center   610-692-1926

Services for victims, witnesses, and families.

Crisis Intervention (Valley Creek Crisis Center)    610-918-2100

Telephone Crisis Counseling
Mobile Outreach Services

Chester County Hospital        610-431-5000

Emergency Medical Services

Alcoholics Anonymous       610-696-9557

Services/meetings to help others
recover from alcoholism

Narcotics Anonymous        215-NAWORKS

Services/meetings to help addicts
stop using drugs and find a new
way to live

Al-anon        1-800-4AL-ANON

Meet others who live or have
lived with the problems of alcohol
abuse or alcoholism