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Curriculum and Academic Policies Council (CAPC)


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Curriculum and Academic Policies Council (CAPC)

Dr. Josh Auld

Andrea Grinwis
Academic Affairs Programs and Policies Manager


Scoll to the bottom of this page for: Rubrics, Gen Ed Rubrics, Distance Ed Requirements, and Handbooks.

CAPC Proposal Process

Utilize CIM (pronounced Kim), our new curriculum management software, to submit course, policy, and program proposals to CAPC.

Use the links below to access CIM forms and training.

CIM-Approvers CIM-Course CIM-Policy CIM-Programs
Utilize this screen to edit, review, and approve a proposal that has reached your queue in workflow. Utilize this form to edit, add, reactivate, or inactivate a course, including making changes related to gen ed, distance ed, and condensed format.

Temporary Spring 2017: Click here to request that a current policy be migrated for editing in CIM.

Utilize this form to propose new division, college, or department policies. The form is also used to add policies to specific programs of study.

Utilize this form to edit, add, reactivate, inactivate, or delete a program. This replaces the old Program Action Form.

As always, Andrea Grinwis will continue to support our CAPC processes. Feel free to email her at

Frequently Asked Questions: CIM

Does it matter which internet browser I use?

Yes. While CIM will work on Google Chrome, Mozille Firefox, or Internet Explorer, it is recommended that you use either Chrome or Firefox. CIM only works with the most recent versions of Internet Explorer.

How do I know if my course proposal requires full CAPC review or if it can go through circulation?

If the course you’re editing or adding is an elective, then it can go through circulation.  All required courses, gen eds, and proposals that seek a modality change, such as condensed format or distance ed approval, must go through full CAPC review. 

How do I know if my course or program proposal requires CPE review?

Any course or program that involves the preparation of teachers or other school professionals must be reviewed by the Council on Professional Education.

How do I edit a proposal once I've submitted it?

Once a proposal has been submitted to workflow, you only have access to edit it if it's in your queue in CIM. If the proposal is at a different step, for example the Department Chair or Dean, then you'll need it to be rolled back to you.

Once the proposal has been rolled back to you, you'll need to go into the CIM-Approvers screen to access it. Simply use the link for CIM-Approvers above, then search for your name (if you are the preparer) or your role (if you are the Dept. Chair, Dean, committee chair, etc.) in the "Your Role" drop-down menu. Once you do that, you will have access to any proposals in your queue. You can then edit, rollback, or approve.



The following rubrics are used to review all syllabi:

General Education Rubrics

Distance Education Requirements

The checklists below outline information required when preparing Distance Education proposals.


The following handbooks may be useful to you as you proceed: