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Are you using technology in your class? We invite you to share your ideas and innovativeness as a presenter at the RECAP Conference. Presenters shape the conference and contribute to the overall experience of the attendees. Be part of RECAP 2017!

Consider the following when submitting a proposal. Presentations are 45 minutes. The subject matter of the proposal should focus on one of the conference session themes listed below. Sessions may be conducted in formats that allow for demonstration, interaction or active dialogue.

The deadline for proposal submissions is Monday, March 20, 2017. Applicants can expect to receive notification of proposal status in early April. The RECAP Conference fee will be waived for those accepted as presenters.

Proposal Form

Session Themes

Classroom Technology

  • Session Theme Focus: Experiencing active learning spaces, embracing students' use of mobile devices in the classroom. Sessions in this track will showcase classroom technologies, illustrate strategies, tools and techniques to deliver instruction in a variety of formats that boost student engagement, interactivity, and collaboration.

  • Question for Presenters: What techniques have you applied to increase student engagement, and build collaboration within a physical or virtual classroom? Demonstrate how classroom technologies have fostered collaboration and student engagement. How did students react to your techniques, and what did you learn from this approach? Idea Starters: Active Learning Space, Cloud Technology & Applications, Web Conferencing, BYOD

Course Design

  • Session Theme Focus: Understanding technology tools that support design strategies for online learning. This track will focus on blended and online instruction, highlighting the use of LMS and digital tools and universal design to engage students and adapt instruction to meet the learning needs of all learners.

  • Question for Presenters: What steps have you taken to design your course to meet the needs of all learners? How are you leveraging LMS and digital tools to engage students? Illustrate strategies, and techniques you use to design and deliver instruction to benefit all learners. Idea Starters: Instructional & Universal Design, Accessibility, Streaming Media, Personalized Learning, Assistive Technology

Ed Tech Exploration

  • Session Theme Focus: Teaching higher order problem solving skills in a reality-based, exploratory learning environment. This track will explore Maker Spaces, 3D printing, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and how faculty are using them to teach higher order problem solving skills.

  • Question for Presenters: How are you integrating Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics into your instruction? Idea Starters: Simulation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearable Technology, Robotics, 3D Printing

Learning Assessment

  • Session Theme Focus: Using course or department level assessment to make data informed decisions. This track will focus on understanding, implementing, and supporting assessment technology at the course or department level to inform decision making related to student success.

  • Question for Presenters: What methods are you using to collect student learning data? Demonstrate how you are using student learning data to identify student performance patterns.¬†What did you learn through these methods, how did the results obtained inform decision making? How has this data at the course or department level impacted student success? Idea Starters: Assessment Technology, Rubrics, Learning Data, Outcomes Assessment, Research Methods, Student Retention